Our team of medical providers believe the best cancer care is provided and a collaborative setting with mutual consultations. All team members involved in the patients care work closely with other physicians involved to ensure integrated care. We provide regular reports indicating the proposed treatment, progress updates during therapy, and the results achieved after the course of treatment. Our team is always available to discuss a patient’s care on a regular basis. In addition, the Charles W. Christie Cancer Center has regularly scheduled multidisciplinary tumor board meetings, twice a month, where our providers and other physicians involved in the patient’s care meet and review their diagnostic information and discuss management options.

Patient Education

At the Charles W Christie Clinic Cancer center our team of providers believe that patient education on their disease and the treatment options is vital to adequate comprehensive care. Management options are discussed in length and the patient is provided with verbal as well as written information on the proposed treatment plan, with special emphasis of toxicity and side effects of the chemotherapy medication. Each patient is assigned a primary nurse at our clinic, to help facility and coordinate individual patients care. This helps to create a trusting bond between the patient family members. Your nurse always available to address any specific individual concerns and help and guide your experience. This team approach helps build a trusting relationship and continuity of care for the patient and their families.


Infusion services

All infusion services at the Charles W Christie Cancer Center are carried out at a recently remodeled modernized well equipped infusion center, located on the fourth floor of the main clinic. A family member or friend is welcome to come with you during your treatment.  The open environment of the spacious infusion suite allows you to interact with other patients as you receive treatment in a recliner or relax quietly in a semi-private bay.  Pillows and blankets are available to make you as comfortable as possible during your treatment.  Television, snacks and beverages are also provided.

Infusion suit is always staffed by oncology certified nurses, specializing chemotherapy administration, as well as supervising physicians. We provide a full range of services in the infusion center including administration of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapies, intravenous iron, as well as antibiotics and fluids. Also provided is phlebotomy services for patients with certain hematologic conditions.

On Site Pharmacy Services

The Charles W Christie Cancer Center has its own dedicated on site pharmacy adjacent to the infusion suite, staffed by highly responsible and a well-trained chemotherapy certified pharmacy technician team. Chemotherapy compounding is a highly structured and well supervised process, to ensure safety, quality and accuracy.


Bone Marrow Biopsy

Bone Marrow biopsy and Aspiration Procedures are performed as a diagnostic tool to assist the physician in the diagnosing and monitoring of certain hematologic conditions. The procedure is preform at a dedicated procedure room under full sterile conditions at the Charles W Christie Cancer Center in the Hematology/Oncology department. The patients are fully brief on the process and possible complications of the procedure by their respective physicians, informed consent is obtained prior to the procedure.  The BMB is performed by your physicians under local anesthesia and carries minimal risk or complications. The samples obtained are sent for comprehensive evaluation to pathology as well as outside laboratories, and will provide valuable information to help guide management options.

Cancer Center Specialties

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