Through it all, I never felt alone. The Christie Cancer Center team is dedicated, professional, kind and caring. Together, we made it.


After moving to Champaign from Tennessee, Jackie chose Christie Clinic for her care. “I love the Christie Clinic Cancer Services team. They are all so good to me. I would tell anyone that Christie Clinic is concerned about you and they made me feel good about the experience. Their warmth and caring is real. They care about you.”


You know when you find out you have cancer on top of an already existing kidney problem your world seems to darken a lot. That was me when I walked into your building of brick and mortar for treatment. It did not take me long to realize that within the building there were some really great people who are professional, detail oriented and dedicated in their work. But, most of all they are people who really care and have a ready smile and a kind word of encouragement for the patient. Now that darkness quickly goes away and it is replaced by HOPE. And all because of you folks at the Radiation Lab who make it happen. I ask God’s Blessing be with you all and to all those that follow me there for treatment.

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